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Train smarter, not harder.


Our Speed Shop Training Center features state-of-the-art indoor training on Wahoo Fitness smart trainers led by an experienced, full-time coaching staff. Directed by Brant Speed, an accomplished bike racer with more than 15 years of experience, the Speed Shop will take your riding to the next level. With daily scheduled classes and open gym sessions, there’s something to fit your busy life so you can make the most of your time and stay focused on your riding goals. Each class is an hour of focused, high quality riding, using metrics like heart rate, cadence, and power to track your progress and keep you honest.

Speed Shop pricing is as follows:

  • Single session in one of the daily scheduled classes: $35
  • 8 Pack of classes to use as your schedule permits: $220
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $299/month
  • Private Session; You and your coach. No distractions.: $75/hour
  • Open Gym ride; No coach, no program. Just ride a Zwift workout or your own homemade session.: $20

Click the button below to schedule sessions or purchase multi-session packs.


Lactate Threshold Testing at the Speed Shop

One way to get a baseline of where your fitness is at and to plan your training is to take a lactate threshold (LT) test. Brant and his staff use an athlete's LT as a fitness indicator and to measure progress. LT testing captures maximum sustainable power, recovery heart rate, pace and power at lactate threshold, and a relative index of fitness. Quite simply, an LT test is the most accurate way to dial in your training with precision and efficiency. Contact the Speed Shop to schedule your LT test today. Each testing session is $175.


Speed Shop Precision Bike Fitting

The Speed Shop also offers comprehensive bike fitting services using Retul’s 3-D motion capture system. Each fitting session includes a professional analysis of your cleat placement, saddle and handlebar position, pedaling style, and overall form on the bike. Each fit technician is trained in Morgan Hill, California, and Boulder, Colorado, and is constantly tested to current standards of the craft.

Pricing for fitting services are $300 for road or mountain bikes and $350 for time trial or triathlon bikes.

Questions about the Speed Shop? Give us a call at 512-473-0222 and ask for Brant or email him at bspeed@mellowjohnnys.com or brant@thecoachofspeed.com.