The 5 Ways We Can Make Your Bike Commute Easier

You're going to do it. The bike works. You've got a new helmet, a bag to carry your gear and a safe route to work.

Well, let us be the first to offer our congratulations! We firmly believe that commuting by bike can be life changing, and we've designed our business to support and encourage the urban cyclist.

Here is a list of the top 5 ways that Mellow Johnny's can make your downtown Austin commute that much better.


1. We Open at 7am Every Weekday

This one is pretty self explanatory. It's hard to be a self-proclaimed commuter center if we aren't open during the morning commute. We've got sales and service staff set up to change a flat or sell you a Moots starting at 7am.


2. We Have Clean Showers and Day Use Lockers

Austin summers can be brutal. And the winter can be chilly. In any season, one of the bike commuting concerns many people have is, well... the sweat. While some downtown buildings have gyms and showers, the majority just aren't set up for cyclists.

For $1 we're happy to provide you with a clean towel and the use of our showers. If you don't want to schlep your riding gear to work, just bring a lock and take advantage of our day use lockers. You can pick up your gear on the ride home.


3. The Juan Pelota Cafe

Our in house cafe is up and running to get your day started. Not only is the Juan Pelota Cafe a great place to meet for a ride, over the years it has built its own downtown customer base. Pro cyclists mingle with business men and women on a daily basis.

With a wide variety of offerings, including Stumptown coffee, smoothies, Fresa's breakfast tacos, pastries and more. The cafe is a convenient way to refuel.


4. Bike Storage

Bike theft is alive and well in Austin. While there are some very secure locks on the market, none are 100% theft proof. If you aren't able to bring your bike indoors during your work day, we suggest leaving it with us. For $1 we'll keep your vehicle safe and secure. Think of it as a downtown bike valet.


5. Same Day Service

Because Austin is home to so many cyclists, most service departments are constantly scrambling. During spring and summer it's not uncommon for shops to have a 2-3 week lead time on repairs.

We've invested significantly in our service department so that this never happens to us. Same day service is standard, and something that we're proud of. Leave your bike with us before your work day begins, and we'll get it back to you when you get off. Of course, if we need to order a part this will be delayed, but for the majority of repairs you're be set.




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