Precision Bike Fitting

Does your lower back hurt after a long ride? Do your hands feel like they’re falling asleep mid-ride? Do your hips or hamstrings feel tight or is there discomfort in your feet? All of these issues likely point to an improper fit on your bike. Aside from the general discomfort you may feel while riding, there are real consequences to not being set up right: an overall decrease in performance, unnecessary wear and tear on your bike and gear, and, in many instances, the potential for injury.

Austin's Best Bicycle Fitting Services

Here at Mellow Johnny’s, we want to be make sure that you love riding your bike - not only because you have the best bike for your riding style, but also because you have the best fit possible. To that end, we offer two services that will help you dial in your position and ensure that you have the best possible fit for the riding you do.

Standard Fit: When you buy a bike from Mellow Johnny’s, we provide the standard fit at no additional cost. However, we also make this fitting session available to any rider who is looking to achieve the optimal riding position. In this fit, we pair you with one of our trained sales staff, who works with you to make general adjustments and recommendations while in the riding position. We put you and your bike up on one of our training stands and, while you pedal, we assess your position and make adjustments to stem height, seat angle, saddle height and cleat positions. This is available for any rider who has never had a proper bike fit.

Details of the Standard Fit

  • price: $50 (free with purchase of a bike)
  • time: 20-40 min
  • equipment needed: Your bike & the gear you ride in.

Retul Fit: This is the fit for anyone who is serious about taking his or her riding to the next level. Retul is one of the most advanced fitting programs in the world and is used by professional cyclists and serious enthusiasts to dial-in optimal riding position and performance.

During this fit, you work one-on-one with our trained, certified Retul fitters to thoroughly assess every aspect of your riding position. Every body angle is analyzed in relation to the equipment on the bike to ensure that you are perfectly tuned to achieve maximum power, efficiency, comfort, and safety.

What is a Retül Bike Fit?

The Retül Bike Fit is specifically designed for those looking to take a serious leap forward in cycling performance. Whether on the road, mountain biking, triathlon, or cyclocross, this fitting system makes riding more efficient, reduces the chance of injury and increases the level of comfort on a bike.

No matter your level of riding, comfort is crucial. Comfort is best achieved with an accurate bike fit that allows for optimal positioning. This keeps your body in proper alignment while riding. Over the long term this increases comfort, maximizes power and helps to prevent injuries.

This fit is specifically designed for those of you looking to take a serious leap forward in cycling performance - whether on the road, mountain biking, triathlon, or cyclocross.

Details of the Retül Fit

  • Cost: $350
  • Time: 1.5-3 hours
  • Equipment Needed: Your bike and everything you would wear during your ride.