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The Pedal Hard Training Center at Mellow Johnny's

With the recent time and temperature change, riding outside can be a bit tricky this time of year. Weekday rides seem to fall away during the winter months and the idea of riding your trainer at home gets really old, really quick. Training indoors is all about quality. Time on the bike is compressed, so it's important to have a specific plan for each ride. Watching "Scandal," while on the bike sounds great, but let's face it, you probably aren't getting the most out of your workout. With Pedal Hard's early hours, our in house showers and bike storage, as well as our downtown location, we're uniquely positioned to get you through the holiday season without sacrificing fitness.

The Layout:

Pedal Hard Training Center is a 700sq ft. facility located in the downstairs level of our shop, featuring 12 CompuTrainers attached to flat screen televisions, and a separate fit room. CompuTrainers are advanced indoor trainers that allow you to attach your own personal bike. The trainers measure wattage, heart rate (with a compatible heart rate monitor), and cadence, as well as change resistance to mimic specific courses. The specificity of the CompuTrainers resistance make it ideal for very focused training. It's hard to find a 10 minute, 3% climb in Austin, let alone one without traffic.

Pedal Hard

The Coaches:

Trained by Kevin Livingston, six time Tour de France rider and former US National Champion, the coaches at Pedal Hard are highly qualified, talented riders in their own right. Every client they coach is given a workout and set of numbers specific to them, their goals and ability level. With a small staff, the trainers become invested in your progress and are able to make changes when life gets in the way of training.

The Products:

Pedal Hard not only offers customized group and one on one training, they also offer RETUL fitting, lactate threshold testing and nutrition counseling for riders wanting to maximize the power and efficiency of both themselves and their bikes.

Intervals at Pedal Hard

While many of our customers think that Pedal Hard training is only for the elite, the reality is that most Pedal Hard clients are non-racers looking to stay fit. People with children, work obligations and time restraints. We see the evidence every day here at the shop, the structured training Pedal Hard provides works. Run as a separate entity, Pedal allows for online booking, contact info and many more specific details on their class structure and offerings. Visit the site for more information, or come by and chat with the trainers next time you're in the shop.




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